1). Middlesbrough Supporters Forum(MSF) was founded in February 2017 as an organisation independent of Middlesbrough Football Club(MFC) to bring together disparate but representative independent Middlesbrough Supporters groups and media platforms that promote and support the views of football supporters who follow Middlesbrough Football Club.

2). There are seven independent founder members all equal in status. These are (in no particular order), the Middlesbrough Disabled Supporters Association(MDSA), Twe12th Man, Red Faction, Middlesbrough Official Supporters Club(MOSC), Middlesbrough Supporters South(MSS), REDARMY.TV, and Fly Me To The Moon(FMTTM)

3). The main purpose of the “Forum” is to convey as accurately as possible the collective views of Middlesbrough football fans to MFC and its representatives to enhance the match day experience of all Middlesbrough Supporters, home and away or wherever they find themselves in the world.

4). MSF also aims to represent MFC’s football fans to create a unified voice to debate, lobby, and act on substantive fans’ issues specific to MFC and wider issues to the game of “Football” which affect all fans.

5). MSF will seek to represent the fans of MFC in wider discussions with the football authorities, broadcasters, and other football associated bodies.

6). MSF will always seek to represent and promote the views of all Middlesbrough fans regardless of nationality, age, colour, religion or creed, gender, or sexual orientation.

7). Whilst remaining independent MSF will always endeavour to work with MFC and maintain dialogue with its representatives.


1). Middlesbrough Supporters Forum meetings shall be managed by one nominated person as Chair and one nominated person as Secretary elected from the members for 12 months commencing 1st July in each year. In the absence of a Chairperson at any meeting an acting Chairperson shall be elected by the members in attendance.

2). The MSF members can co-opt additional members to the Group on an ad-hoc or temporary basis.

3). Each member of the MSF is only entitled to 1 x vote on each issue discussed. If there is a split vote, the Chairperson has the casting vote.

4) The agenda shall be circulated to all members at least 48 hours before the agreed meeting date.

5). Minutes of each meeting shall be taken and will be the responsibility of the Secretary.

6). Meetings shall take place on a monthly basis.

7). Only one representative of each member may attend MSF meetings.

8). There must be at least 6 current MSF members present for a meeting to be quorate.

9). The MSF bank account must contain a minimum balance of £150. All current and new members will top up the Fund to meet further agreed legitimate costs and expenses when they occur.

Christopher John JOSEPH.