Equality, Diversity and Media Relations

Caroline Walker

I have been a Boro fan for the best part of half a century and a season ticket holder for most of that time. I've supported the club through thick, thin and thinner! From Ayresome to the Riverside and many grounds across the country. I work in public relations and my 2nd team (if that's allowed) is Barcelona. That's for obvious reasons but I have seen them play live a number of times and am not completely an armchair fan. Boro is though, and always will be, my 1st love!

As a female fan I hope I can sometimes bring a different perspective to the Forum's discussions. Football has changed an awful lot over the last 50 years, when there were few women on the terraces but there's still some work to do for clubs to be completely inclusive and for the atmosphere to be conducive to enjoyment for all ages and genders.