Red Faction

Red Faction

Established in 2008, Red Faction are the ultras group of Middlesbrough FC. The group was formed by likeminded individuals who had grown disillusioned with the supporter culture at the Boro and shared a collective distaste for the state of modern football in general.

Taking influence from the ultra culture most often found on the continent after seeing the supports of Basle and Steaua during the club’s historical UEFA Cup run, the group was designed to combat the sterilisation and identikit nature of supporter’s culture in the UK.

Originally situated in Block 53 of the South East corner at the Riverside, RF08 were instrumental in the stadium revamp which saw the South Stand given back to home supporters, with away fans moved into the East stand.

Red Faction are an apolitical, entirely self-sufficient group that prides itself on bringing colour, noise and a defined identity to the terraces of MFC. The group are 100% committed to creating a vociferous and infamous atmosphere that is spoken about across the UK and Europe. This is complimented by the creation of tifos; large scale choreographed displays of banners, cards, confetti, flags and surfers. These displays are funded through group member’s pockets as well as through donations from the wider fan base. Some of RF’s most famous displays include the Trophy Virgin banner, the We Built the World and We Shall Overcome tifos and the crowdfunded 140th anniversary display.

If you wish to get involved with Red Faction, visit, speak to one of the lads at the front of Block 62 or pop into the Lobby Bar on Albert Road before a match.

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