For the attention of:- Aleksander Ceferin President UEFA

For the attention of:-

Aleksander Ceferin
President UEFA
Route de Geneva 46
Case postale
CH-1260 Nyon 2

Dear Mr Ceferin.

We represent the collective voices of fans of Middlesbrough, the English Football League Championship team from Teesside. I know you’ll have heard of us!

This is an open letter to you and UEFA asking you to allay once and for all, our fears regarding the continuing threat from the possible creation of a European Super League.

As an English Championship team we dream of returning to the heights of our Premier League and (who knows?) one day emulating Leicester City Football Club, and winning the Premier League ourselves. We represent the loyal grass roots supporters who bring credibility to the game in all its multitiered forms. As Middlesbrough fans we have also enjoyed our own adventures in Europe in the UEFA Cup.

We are deeply concerned that the ever present threat of a European Super League would only benefit the richest clubs at the expense of the poorest. Perhaps you will have heard of our famous English hero Robin Hood who robbed the rich to give to the poor…if he had robbed the poor he would never have been as famous or as popular!

1). Promotion and relegation throughout football should always be based on performance on the field not money or worldwide brand recognition.

2). Leagues should never be closed. Clubs should not qualify through history or heritage but on performance and results, and open competition is key not just to fairness but to keep all leagues and cup competitions vibrant and fascinating until the final whistle has blown.

3). Weekends are when fans are free to watch their football. Our 3pm Saturday kick-offs are traditional and should be sacrosanct and safe from live television coverage.

4). Leagues and cups should always be competitive. That way the whole football pyramid works and even the elite and rich few are kept on their mettle.

5). Domestic football is the priority in every country. Our Leagues and our Cup competitions are the bread and butter of the game.

6). The rich clubs should always share their good fortunes fairly across all the participants and never fail to recognise that competition and recruitment from the lower echelons are often the very reasons for their own success.

Although we understand from reports that the European Super League idea may have been deferred until 2024 we would ask you to confirm unequivocally that this idea of a “rich elite members only Super League” for a select few from each country will never be given approval as long as you are UEFA President and beyond.

I look forward to your response.

Christopher Joseph

+44 (0)7974 925851