Return to Riverside Survey Results

Report to MSF Members and Middlesbrough Football Club

Date: 5th September 2021


Title: Return to the Riverside Survey Results

Report of Middlesbrough Supporters Forum (MSF)

Status: For Information and action


  • Following almost 18 months of football behind closed doors due the COVID-19 pandemic, The Government gave the green light for supporters to return to stadiums to watch their team for the 2021/22 season.
  • Government advice and guidelines also stiplualted that there was no longer a requirement for the public to wear face masks or social distance. It was upto the individual person to make their own decision around their own personal safety.
  • Middlesbrough’s first home game of the 21/22 season took place on Saturday 14th August against Bristol City.
  • Ahead of this game, plenty of advice was communicated to supporters by MFC, particularly in relation to any new processes and procedures they could expect at the stadium and also to remind supporters to respect everyones personal requierments around social distancing and wearing facemasks.
  • Following the completion of the first 2 home games of the season, Middlesbrough Supporters Forum, instigated a fan survey with the support of MFC to obtain the views and feelings of those that had attended the games. 
  • The aim of the survey was to gauge how supporters felt about returning to the Riverside. If they felt covid safe, if enough had been done by the club to make them feel safe and establish what had worked well and what could be improved.
  • Following the analysis of the survey, it was agreed that MSF would share the results with MFC and they would work in partnership to review and work on any potential solutions to solve any issues raised.


  • MSF conducted a survey of 6 questions using Survey Monkey.
  • The link to the survey was shared on all social media platforms by MSF and its members, fan forums and MFC also shared the link to the survey.
  • The survey was open for 1 week.
  • 260 supporters completed the survey and and all submitted feedback to go with their answers.


This document outlines the results of the survey and also provides the raw data / individual feedback that will be valuable for MFC to review and act upon to put potential solutions in place.


Question 1

Chart, bar chart

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In Summary

  • 75% of those surveyed fell into the good or above category in terms of overall experience 
  • Most issues raised related to overcrowding on the concourse and large queues at kiosks
  • A lack of hand sanitizer being available and people not wearing masks came up in the comments a lot.

Please refer to ‘’Question – Comments’’ section for more in-depth detail around the reasons given for these ratings.

Question 2

In Summary

  • Almost half of those surveyed indicated that they felt very safe being back at the Riverside
  • 6 % indicated that they did not feel safe at all.
  • Most issues raised related to overcrowding on the concourse and people not wearing face masks

Please refer to ‘’Question – Comments’’ section for more in-depth detail around the reasons given for these ratings

Question 3

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In Summary

  • More than half of those surveyed indicated that they felt that there was enough Covid safety measures in place.
  • However, it can’t be ignored that 43% of supporters felt there was not
  • Most issues raised related to crowded concourses and managing the flow of movement, again lack of hand sanitizers has been mentioned several times as well as a lack of signage and guidance to make supporters think about being cautious and respectful.

Please refer to ‘’Question – Comments’’ section for more in-depth detail around the reasons given for these ratings

Question 4

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In Summary

  • Over 85% of those surveyed indicated that they had not experienced any issues with purchasing tickets 
  • The feedback provided to this answer is wide ranging from, loyalty points and season cards not working at the first game to cheaper ticket prices.

Please refer to ‘’Question – Comments’’ section for more in-depth detail around the reasons given for these ratings

Question 5

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Examples of some of the answers provided

  1. The club go the extra mile for supporters such as assisting making personal flags and helping place them where we sit.
  1. Not having goal music allows a greater sense of natural atmosphere when a goal is scored
  1. Fan zone outside ground, Stewarding is fair and not too strict.
  1. The outside bar is much better than in concourse before and after the game, partly due to the weather.
  1. The bands playing in fanzone before game 
  1. Not needing a vaccine to go to the match 
  1. The club is very approachable 
  1. Easy access to outside of concourse at half time 
  1. One way system for toilets 
  1. North Stand, opening the doors at half time to allow access to fresh air instead of been crowded in the concourse. 
  1. Being able to visually select your seat allows more nervous fans to choose a seat with space around it. 
  1. Stewards wearing face masks 
  1. The outside bar.
  1. Allowing fans to stay in stadium until concourses have cleared. Abd sanitiser availability 
  1. The hand sanitiser outside the turnstile. 

In Summary

  • A wide and varied response to this question.
  • Items relating to the fanzone and the removal of goal music to being allowed to stay in your seat longer to allow the crowds to leave the stadium

Please refer to ‘’Question – Comments’’ section for more in-depth detail around the reasons given for these ratings

Question 6

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In Summary

  • A wide and varied response to this question.
  • Items relating to the long queues at the kiosks, car parking at and around the stadium, further covid safety measures to be put in place and ideas to improve the atmosphere.

Please refer to ‘’Question – Comments’’ section for more in-depth detail around the reasons given for these ratings



Question 1: 

How would you rate your overall experience of being back at the Riverside Stadium?


Concourse & Queues:

  1. Crowds in the concourse a bit worrying as v few masking
  1. Poor organisation in the concourse. Queues from kiosks and bars were extensively long blocking access and egress along the concourse itself. Early season I know, but quicker service is required but more importantly, there should be a barrier between the end of the queue and the wall of the concourse.
  1. Good apart from huge queues at the bars & food kiosks
  1. Concourse Love being back just wish … 1. Have 100 pints pulled for 1/2 time 2. Extend the perimeter more space under / behind the ground
  1. Good atmosphere but virtually impossible to get food and drinks due to long queues.
  1. Queues for bar and quality of food have gone very down hill
  1. Queues at half time for refreshments been very frustrating
  1. People congregating on concourse (block 14A) near toilet entrance/exits still an issue, you shouldn’t have to squeeze past people to get in. Also, the one way in/out ladies’ toilets is not working, people seem to be ignoring the signs/doing what they were used to, although I used the out rather than squeeze past the queue from the bar!!
  1. Been arriving early each match(covid wise) to avoid crowding on the concourse, our area(northwest corner) is always crowded especially around the ladies toilet entrance, it was trialled with a 1000 fans at a game apparently for an entry only door and exit only door this has made the situation even worse couldn’t even get to the toilet entry door at all for people just before start of 2nd half so had to use the exit door which was causing a little upset with ladies who were in the other end queue, think leaving it as two entry/exit doors as before would be much better . Just wish people would be not as rude and move when asked politely to gain entrance we only want a tinkle 🙂
  1. The service is extremely slow and there have been huge queues building in the concourses. There is absolutely nothing stopping the club focussing on this (it has been an issue for year – not just post COVID). The club are missing out of a huge amount of revenue due to the amount of sales of alcohol they are missing out. Put more staff on, have more smaller queues and sell more.
  1. I believe I caught covid 19 from the packed concourse at the Bristol city game, it was as if covid had never happened
  1. Really need to get a better system for queuing for drinks
  1. As expected, seems mostly back to normal although I’ve not tried ordering drinks at half time yet due to hearing it’s quite busy
  1. It was great to be back, however I felt the concourse in the southwest corner was overcrowded. This was exacerbated by the large queues. There was no guidance, whether masks should have been used in the concourse.
  2. Whilst it has been great to get back to the match, the experience of being back at The Riverside has been very poor. The queues for refreshments within the east stand are constant which completely block access to toilets and with no clear gangway to allow movement, a bottleneck of people occur every single match. Surely there must be a better way to organise where the queues are?
  1. Queues on the concourse for food & beer unacceptable
  1. It’s excellent to be back and everything is good … except for the arrangements at the concourse bars. I have never known queues so long, at any time at home or hardly ever away. Something’s not quite right there!
  1. Overall good. Big queues for the bar at the first game though, and not many wearing masks
  1. Long queues Overpriced Burgers have no onions Concourse is cold and unwelcoming and the tv’s are too small and old.
  1. Large queues in the concourses didn’t help the fact Heineken bar was not open
  1. Concourse covid people routing could be better
  1. The concourses were rammed, with no real changes to making it easier to get to your seat (My entrance only provides a single way to get to the stairs, and its right through the queue to a bar). Also, the “Chairman’s drink” voucher hasn’t worked this season, first game I had to pay, second game they took my card number and name.
  1. The concourse at halftime was much busier than it used to be. There was no system in place for queues at the bars and food outlets.
  1. Queues to get either a drink or some food so huge and the concourse so packed I didn’t even try
  1. The Concourse was chaotic in the North Stand. Queuing was ridiculous, no proper “in/out” system meant fans cramming up around the bars, everyone getting frustrated. Also, the lack of products/food/drink on offer… Brexit blamed!
  1. Atmosphere good. Concourse difficult to access toilets in one at system
  1. The queues in the concourse are too big, ends up blocking the lady’s toilet entrance/exit meaning the social distancing guideline signs couldn’t be adhered to. The queue also makes it difficult to get to the seating areas as it blocks off half the concourse
  1. Great to be back but long queues at bars has meant very crowded concourses, has not felt as safe as it could.
  1. Service at the kiosks on the concourse is pathetic, waiting time is too long 15 minutes plus, queues that are card only when people don’t realise until too late. The concourse is a potential time bomb for further Covid 19 outbreaks. Totally uncomfortable.
  1. Queue in Southwest corner were horrific and designated queueing area, so concourse was blocked.
  1. The concourse in North stand was even more disorganised than usual, no management lines for refreshments so stairwells blocked, access to toilets blocked.
  2. Was great to be back for the atmosphere and to see the team again. Real lack of organisation around stadium though. Big queues to get in with no stewards directing anything. The concourses are appalling, they queue outwardly rather than snake, so it is impossible to socially distance even if you want too
  1. General experience was good – more effort could have been made with concourses with more outdoor space maybe?
  1. Access to the stadium was fine, but the concourses before the games and at half time have been ridiculous. Zero Covid controls in place!!!
  1. The concourses in The North Stand for the Bristol City game were far, far too busy for social distancing to be even remotely possible. A sensible queuing process, managed by stewards, making the most of the huge space outside the stadium should have been implemented.
  1. Queues in concourses are awful no queue management system Disabled fans carers having to compromise caring for their disabled person and having to leave them to get them food / drink
  1. Being back is amazing but the concourses need looking at. Understand the supply issues but the club should have been open with fans about the lack of products do not allow fans to queue all half-time to get to the front of the queue to be told there isn’t anything left


  1. Service so slow. Can’t get served before game to use free pint. Will keep me out of stadium until kick off will spend money elsewhere
  1. Service in concourse was slow and poor, but the match experience itself was as enjoyable as it was pre-pandemic
  2. Speed of service at bars and kiosk is poor. New card only payment points are poorly communicated causing further bottlenecks.
  1. Previously used to get our season card drinks at half time and the staff had a good understanding of this. Since returning there are new staff who are reluctant to do what we’ve been getting for the past 9 years and it’s quite frustrating
  1. Slow service when buying food/drink. Staff have no urgency
  1. Half time queue for beer was horrendous. Went to a food kiosk and only chips and crisps left.
  1. Loved the game and atmosphere Services on the Concourse were poor
  1. Straight in and out only drawback was ques for food/drink. Though totally understand why
  1. Long ques for food and drink so by the time I reached from of que there was nothing left.
  1. Ques a nightmare at bar, pulling pints to order instead of pulling in preparation
  1. Only good, not excellent because no parmo burgers and no free season ticket pints 15 minutes before kick-off
  1. Service at the kiosks on the concourse is pathetic, waiting time is too long 15 minutes plus, queues that are card only when people don’t realise until too late. The concourse is a potential time bomb for further Covid 19 outbreaks. Totally uncomfortable.
  1. Hot food was an issue
  1. No parmo in a bun
  1. Slow service at the drinks stands. Not much of an offering at the food kiosk.
  1. Long queues for beer Places is filthy
  1. It would have been excellent but for queues at the food and drink outlets.
  1. Some problems purchasing at the kiosk in the SW upper. Tills not accepting season cards for free drinks. Heineken bars not open.
  1. Great atmosphere, great to see fans back but the infrastructure of the ground is poor. The food facilities look like they’re meant to serve a crowd of about 2000, not 20,000! Major investment needed from the club on this front.
  1. Long queues for drinks which could have been pre poured
  1. Always well-run bit of a wait for drinks and food but overall good
  1. Slow service at kiosks but otherwise great
  1. Large queues for drinks etc
  1. Loved being back, but the slow service at the bar sullied the experience. Understandable there were teething and staffing issues with the return, but this has been an issue for years. Why oh why can the club not instruct staff to pre pour pints to speed things up?
  1. If the price of the food was better, then it would have been excellent.
  1. Service at food and drinks kiosks is appalling. Pre-match and at half time, pints should be pre-poured to ease queues. Everybody wants the same thing at the same time, and that demand could easily be met, reducing congestion in concourses, and generating more revenue for the club.
  1. Poor catering supplies causing long queues which means longer times in enclosed spaces with others.
  1. Would be excellent but no parmo in buns!
  1. Being back is amazing but the concourses need looking at. Understand the supply issues but the club should have been open with fans about the lack of products do not allow fans to queue all half-time to get to the front of the queue to be told there isn’t anything left

Covid safety

  1. Hardly anyone behaving in accordance with the requests to e.g., wear masks in the concourse. Occupied seats could have been spaced out better to allow more room.
  1. Great to be back but concerned by the lack of mask wearing by supporters in concourse and when climbing stairs to concourse
  1. Didn’t see any hand sanitiser and didn’t feel as though we were in a pandemic
  1. Seems to be lack of sanitizers
  1. It would be great if there has hand sanitiser stations in the concourse and into and out of the toilets
  1. We were very pleased to be back though would have appreciated a much quieter sound system, more signage and sanitising and fewer people around as the trial matches earlier in the year.
  1. Felt like normality again but liked the hand sanitiser as you go into the concourse and lots using it, plus the one-way system in toilets
  1. I just didn’t feel there was any care or thought given to those who were vulnerable to COVID. No announcements about thinking of others in this regard. No hot water in toilets to wash hands. No notices about washing hands and stopping spread. I didn’t feel safe, or as if the club cared about my wellbeing. Other clubs have provided areas where season card holders/fans who wanted to be socially distanced could swap to in the short term. I was disappointed Boro didn’t explore this option.
  1. Public address system was too loud. Not enough notices and sanitising stations, but great to see everyone again.
  1. I would have felt more comfortable with more people wearing masks particularly in the queue for the turnstiles and the toilets
  1. Absolutely no segregation of mask wearers/non-mask wearers, especially on approaching/leaving the stadium in crowded tunnels
  1. Caught Covid
  1. organisationally it seems poor, I attended the open day to ask specific questions around facilities considering covid and how it would be managed & the mfc staff in attendance said they didn’t know and had no information to share
  1. More spacing of crowd would be nice with over 10k empty seats, more hand sanitiser, water in toilets only lasts couple of seconds frustrating when still trying to follow government guidelines
  1. Experience is as expected. Only issue is concourse and toilet areas which are overly congested normally, but no mitigation is in place for COVID. However, this is largely because there is insufficient space in the concourse.
  1. No masks in concourse as requested.
  1. Distinct lack of covid safety procedures made an unsafe feeling.


  1. Would have been excellent if my and my son’s season card s worked in the turnstiles first time for the first home match. Had to queue up at the ticket office along with hundreds of others.
  1. First game, ticket management was poor – season cards that wouldn’t work and the holders having to queue with those without tickets.
  1. As a season ticket holder, I’m still stunned at our match day tickets especially how expensive our children’s tickets are
  1. Cock up with my new season card. Hadn’t been activated, so had to queue for 40 minutes outside the South Stand ticket office to get a ticket!


  1. Things don’t seem quite as smooth. The kiosks are a bit frantic, even early on, the prematch music seems disjointed, including only half of pig bag and the 12th Man bar in the North stand is too busy to get out.
  1. The food and beverage service before the game and at half time are experiencing delays and issues. Also, and I realise this is outside of the control of the club, but Middlesbrough college is no longer opening the car park on match days, which is causing a lot of issues and congestion around the ground. Can the club have a stronger voice with the college and local council? Parking has been an issue for many years and is only getting worse.
  1. still can’t get signal on mobile phone in west stand upper
  1. Everything was perfectly fine until after half time and some lads came back high on drugs. I have a brain tumour and they ended up banging me on the head. After that I had a bad headache and couldn’t enjoy the match. But apart from that everything was perfect.
  1. Good atmosphere, friendly staff, but long queues for beer at half time in the family zone. Also, would like somewhere to lock up bikes.
  1. Staff were friendly but felt club shop could’ve prepared better
  1. Aggressive stewarding. Unhelpful staff.
  1. Lack of planning and organisation
  1. PA system dreadful as usual
  1. Still poor value for money in the concourse. My seat still hasn’t been repaired properly.
  1. Could be improved by better lager in both the concourse and fan zone. Also, PA announcer shouting out scores and blaring music over the top of celebrating fans at end of Bristol City game was disappointing
  1. Would have been nice if there weren’t spider webs all over the seats, but all OK apart from that.


  1. Once in my seat felt comfortable.
  1. It was good to be back, and I felt safe
  1. Seamless return and very good atmosphere
  1. Forgot how great the atmosphere was
  1. Great to watch my team again
  1. Just good to be back
  1. Enjoyed the match and overall experience
  1. It’s good to be back, missed whole matchday experience so much
  1. Feels familiar
  1. Great to be back, good info from club and excellent communication and advise to get there earlier to avoid queues
  1. High attendance meant the atmosphere was great
  1. Been done well, only a few minor changes I’d make
  1. Atmosphere is better than previously
  1. Although we had issues with our season cards not working, and a bad experience with stewards at the first game back, the issue was dealt with fantastically well by Yvonne Ferguson in supporter services. She made us feel like valued supporters and I’ve enjoyed myself more knowing the club has tried to sort out my problem
  1. Met my mates for a few pints, decent atmosphere in ground, good game despite the result.
  1. I’ve been away too long.
  1. No issues, people were respectful of each other
  1. Good to be back in the stadium, well organised, still an air of anxiety but feels safe
  1. Great experience in fan zone pre match. Got there early so easy to get served and seated. Music was maybe a little loud being seated near speakers. Good atmosphere in there. Queuing no worse than pre covid going into ground about 10 mins before the game (south stand) Pretty much as expected in concourse before during and after game. No issues with regards to viewing the match.
  1. Staff lovely, hand sanitiser around, toilets spotless and great atmosphere
  1. It’s just nice to be back
  1. Great to be back watching the Boro.
  1. Like never left
  1. Couldn’t fault it. Felt like nothing had changed.
  1. Fan zone is mint
  1. Just great to be back
  1. It was good to be back after so long!!
  1. It feels just like normal, which is a bit odd as I expected some restrictions/differences. So, I’m quite happy for the moment, if we don’t see a massive rise in infections amongst fans
  1. Easy to get in the stadium. While some changes due to covid but nothing that caused an issue
  1. Great to be back
  1. Great atmosphere!
  1. Enjoying the South Stand fir atmosphere after years in the Northwest corner. I enjoy standing up too as we are on the back row
  1. was nervous going in but it just felt right when I was in there. The atmosphere was amazing, and everyone was very kind. Also, it was very clear where I had to go to get to my seat
  1. Excellent atmosphere and the club has done well to enhance the fan experience
  1. Good atmosphere easy entry


How safe did you feel at the Riverside Stadium?



  1. No masks, no room between seats (at one match, the person behind me was coughing throughout the game!).
  1. Was pleased to see people wearing masks in Concourse. Waited 5 mins after the end before leaving
  1. Masks were worn by most
  1. Not the club fault but in the concourse, nobody wears a mask
  1. No masks anywhere.
  1. I personally felt safe, but I know others were concerned about how few people were wearing masks in the enclosed areas
  1. Worry about lack of mask wearing especially in winter months
  1. Still worry with people who don’t know not wearing masks and feel conscious if wear mine as very few do.
  1. would still prefer people to use face coverings when moving about inside the stadium
  1. some people are just a little ignorant but not just only at the match just in general, I still wear face mask when coming through turnstiles, concourse and toilet makes me feel safer 🙂
  1. disappointed at the low number of people wearing masks, especially given the age of some of the vulnerable supporters in the west stand upper. Also stewards and bar/food staff not wearing masks.
  1. Overwhelming majority of supporters not wearing face coverings at the turnstiles, in the concourse and toilet areas.
  1. No Masks in any part of the Stadium.
  1. Not everyone in concourses and toilets were taking the advice for wearing masks
  1. Not many people wearing masks
  1. We found that the experience of returning to the Riverside during the pandemic gave the impression that nothing really had changed especially there was very little mask wearing to be seen
  1. I wore a mask in the concourse but in my seat, I removed it as felt safe
  1. Still a little bit unsure around big crowds, people not wearing masks etc after so long
  1. would have liked more people wearing masks when in areas with close contact
  1. In a crowd, I still feel uncomfortable when people are not wearing masks.
  1. I am in the minority of fans wearing a face mask. Very few people are
  1. Would have liked fans to use face masks in concourse as very busy and overwhelming and gad a young adult vulnerable- in stands no problem as in fresh air
  1. No masks in concourse
  1. No masks, no organisation
  1. No face masks in the concourse or toilets – except mine and the odd other one or two. Disgraceful really
  1. The last 18 months may as well have not happened, not really the club’s fault, but I don’t think we are ready for full stadiums yet. Even if you want to wear a face mask it seems pointless with so many others not bothering.
  1. Covid is still about, huge amounts of people. no one wearing a mask
  1. No one in the concourse were wearing face coverings. When you must push through a hoard of people it’s quite intimidating, not knowing whether they are breathing Coronavirus over you.
  1. Very few people wearing face coverings in the concourse (I know there is no legal requirement to do so now) and lack of sanitiser stations around.
  1. General covid nervousness. Not the club’s fault. I’d prefer more people to wear masks on the concourse but that’s a personal choice

Social Distancing / Overcrowded

  1. More social distancing in concourse needed
  1. Would prefer more masking and distancing in the concourse but realise the difficult logistics
  1. South stand very overcrowded with people not in correct seats and spilling out into aisles. No masks worn in the concourse.
  1. Concourses can get crowded but once in the stands it is fine
  1. Very busy, no social distancing, no masks. Club had no guidance up
  1. Busy concourse, large queues
  1. Covid rarely crosses my mind whilst there, but I don’t go to the concourse at half time and leave before full time to avoid busy times
  1. From a COVID perspective the concourse and toilets are the perfect environment for a virus to spread
  1. I felt safe at my seat. I wasn’t comfortable with the overcrowding in the concourse for the first game back.
  1. I did feel safe for myself and my family attending but that was because we arrived early, waited in our seats at full time for ten minutes. The number of people all moving about trying to queue for refreshments or visit the toilets in the east / generation red zone are out of control. It is impossible to get any refreshments during half time.
  1. Too much overcrowding on the concourse after the match and no organisation by the stewards … they just let it happen
  1. Sitting in very close proximity to people I didn’t know – COVID risk when I’m vulnerable No announcements about COVID – nothing about how we could limit spread. It was as if the pandemic was over.
  1. Crowded concourses. OK in the seats as more in the open air.
  1. People being in proximity a worry but managing my own distance is how I manage my safety
  1. Still big crush n concourse when trying to access toilets
  1. Very relaxed and no attempts to move standing queues.
  1. concourse queues could be closer to the kiosks so there is a clear pathway through to the stadium. Toilets are well provided for with one way system and soap and towels well supplied.
  1. It was too crowded and there wasn’t any structure in place in the concourse to make it easier to get to the stands.
  1. Considering the stadium was only 2/3 full the concourses were very crowded
  1. Again, crammed in the concourse behind the North stand. All too close for comfort tbh.
  1. Concourse busy. Have to walk through rather than access nearest toilets bigger queues.
  1. I feel safe in my seat but not 100% safe crossing a crowded concourse before the game and that would not be an environment that I would wish to enter at half time. After the match I take my time leaving and then the concourse is clear. I am happy that is the relayed over the PA that we could stay in our seats and take our time exiting.
  1. Obviously wary of mixing in big crowds after COVID
  1. As stated previously the long queues at the bars due to all tills not operating led to very congested concourses.
  1. Smoking area a little overcrowded.
  1. Everyone respected each other and moved around within a safe distance.
  1. Made sure I booked a seat with lots of empty seats around it
  1. Stewarding doesn’t fill me with confidence. Why do they stand in the stairwells at the end of the game when people are trying to leave?
  1. In the main it was fine especially in the stands. The concourse was a joke though but seems more of a design flaw. There is nowhere for people to go, queues should snake so it’s easy to identify but it’s just a mass of people and you can’t tell if you’re in a queue for the toilets/bar or just stood behind people
  1. very overcrowded in red faction area of south stand – ppl from other seats standing in spaces in front of my seat so they can be part of the singing, no attempt by stewards to monitor or remove them – potential for infection to easily spread
  1. Absolutely fine always except in the concourses.
  1. In the stand and around the ground were fine, the concourses far less so.
  1. Again, no queue management system in concourse for ideas around this look at Blackburn Rovers concourse
  1. Very busy concourses with limited mask use
  1. No social distancing or masks – I’m double vaccinated so felt ok, but did I wasn’t I’d feel worried. Would rather so everyone double vaccinated for entry.


  1. Somewhere between somewhat and very, it feels like “normal” so maybe for more vulnerable fans there should be a bit more signage encouraging masks/distancing in concourse?
  1. We must move on with our lives
  1. Some standing needs to return to avoid confrontation within the seated areas, especially in the family areas.
  1. I’m fully vaccinated and aware of the risks of mass events and ways to mitigate it.
  1. I have been ill with covid since just after the home game. there was no mask wearing, no guidance, no hand sanitiser to use either in the toilets or dotted around the concourse and it was absolutely packed and crowded on the concourses
  1. Whilst covid is obviously if some concern, everyone there chose to be there, and I’d like to believe nobody knowingly went with symptoms.
  1. First time for 28 months being in a big crowd, no masks, no distancing felt odd but as soon as the game started, I didn’t really think about it and I’m quite happy to keep returning at the minute
  1. Very few people willing to follow the suggested guidance regarding Covid.
  1. Stewards unable to answer questions about covid, distinct lack of hand sanitizer available.


  1. Well organised
  1. All necessary provisions in place, we can hold back afterwards.
  1. No reason not to feel safe.
  1. Great stewarding
  1. Never felt unsafe at the Riverside in the past. I had no concerns about returning
  1. Double jabbed, while not complacent I am comfortable in crowds. Otherwise, I always feel safe at riverside.
  1. Organised plenty help about if needed
  1. I always feel safe here, nothing has changed that. Lots of approachable staff willing to help.
  1. As safe as I could feel considering the vast amount of Covid cases


Covid Safety – Did you feel there was enough covid safety measures in place such as hand sanitizers, air flow, space on the concourse, signage?


Overcrowded concourses

  1. Not enough space in the concourses
  1. No space whatsoever in the concourse, this could be avoided by letting supporters take their drinks up to their seats
  1. Question states space on concourse, this is fixed and gets crowded at peak times.
  1. Too much crowding in the concourse. Issues with queues at bar from 2 30pm onwards and all half time.
  1. Busy concourses, no segregation, no masks, people ignoring one-way signs in female toilets (nobody to enforce this)
  1. No space at all on concourse. Very busy, queues blocking access etc
  1. Although there didn’t seem to be as many people on the concourse (we’ve started arriving earlier at the ground) as normal there were areas where there were groups of people to get passed, but we’ve decided not to hang around the concourse and just go straight to our seats.
  1. Didn’t spend any time on concourse but as in a previous question crowding around the lady’s toilet entry door is an issue but not sure if has been made worse due to the new signage at the bar/food areas as in card only lanes and cash lanes? take our own sanitizer everywhere!
  1. The concourse was quite crowded, and I saw very little in the way of Covid safety measures. But it doesn’t overly concern me on a personal level.
  1. Concourses same as pre-Covid. And very few wearing masks.
  2. Clearly MFC have make significant efforts which is positive. Well done to all concerned. However, queuing to bar / food kiosks slowed the flow of movement of supporters through the concourse. (No better or worse than previous seasons but more of a concern this season given the Covid situation).
  1. Disorganised concourses within Generation red / east stand. Queues blocking access constantly. Not enough standing areas. There needs to be quicker service or more outlets for refreshments.
  1. It’s impossible without limiting the number of fans in the concourses. More staff could be put on bars to cut queues and waiting times
  1. Concourse space still restricted, although appreciate that is somewhat out the club’s control.
  1. As I put in Question 1, there is a problem with the bars on the concourses. That’s making for there being less space on the concourses than before Covid!
  1. Very packed concourse before the first game. Air flow could have been improved by opening the ‘disabled entry’ doors.
  1. Don’t think the concourse should be open
  1. Concourse was mobbed with no social distancing whatever. Because of the poor service huge queues formed making it nigh on impossible to get served.
  1. Hardly anyone is wearing masks. Massive queues at concourse. Toilets absolutely reek.
  1. North Stand – After entering turnstiles couldn’t get to toilets as queues for bar went right to back of concourse and couldn’t get through without pushing. Signs for entry / exit at toilets were largely ignored and people standing drinking pints by both entry and exit and up the passageway into stands. This has always been a problem but is dangerous now. Needs to be a way to get from a turnstile to a toilet and into then into stands without having to push my way through a crowd just standing around queuing or drinking. Yes, I could arrive an hour early but then I would still need the toilet again before kick-off! Ventilation / air flow in toilets is nil
  1. As above space in concourse limited- very busy getting food/drinks so didn’t feel confident as lack of mask wearing but appreciate it is a choice- we wore ours so not a huge problem
  1. The concourses were busy and there was nothing in place to help get to the stands without walking through the queue for the bar (Turnstiles T35-39)
  1. Having to walk through packed concourse with no one wearing masks to get to seats. Clear walkways to get to seats needed.
  1. it was a struggle to get to the toilet at halftime.
  1. Concourse was packed on first game – it felt a little overwhelming. Better for QPR game as fewer people.
  1. There was enough signage but like said previously, the queue for the bar at the concourse meant the exit only toilet door was blocked so people just used the one door
  1. I would like there to be a clear passage where you could flow between turnstiles entry and stairs for the seating decks.
  1. Unfortunately, again not much the club can do, but the concourses are like pre pandemic, if not worse. Crammed. Not sure what can be done here
  1. Long queues at bars due to tills being closed led to overcrowding and congestion in GRFZ. Have pop up bars elsewhere in concourse
  1. Concourse is still rammed. People stand at the bottom of the stairs at half time and pre match forcing fans to push past.
  1. Clearly there’s not enough space on the concourse to give people room but I don’t see any way round that. I can only suggest that people who are more vulnerable to Covid be encouraged to enter the ground and take their seats early. Mostly everything else was ok, there’s still an issue getting water out of the taps in the bathrooms at times, which is not ideal.
  1. Space in the concourse has always been a problem and it has been even worse in the games since it reopened. I had hoped that as some may be worried about distancing that effort would have been made to actually manage & organise the concourse
  1. No, the concourse was very crowded, although I personally wasn’t concerned the question was regarding Covid safety and it didn’t seem to be Covid safe.
  1. Coming in was fine but not well pointed out. Inside the stands it was fine but again concourses were impossible to distance
  1. avoided the concourses when they were busy as there was no social distancing. overcrowding in the concourse, no extra measures evident to prevent infection
  1. Could have had a better one-way system perhaps? More mask encouragement and better systems. Could have been good to let people in and have an outdoor “pen” fenced in to let people have beer outdoors and not be crammed in concourse – if this is a thing it’s needs publicising!
  1. Concourses have always been an issue with queues at bars merging into circulation space. NE corner where I am. Club have / are encouraging fans to come early but there has never been an expansion / reconfiguration to accommodate. Do apps and technology provide an opportunity to order drinks for collection to reduce queues? It would be good if the club could look at expanding a part of the concourse as a trial? Could bars be swapped with toilets with a small extension to the current bar areas designed to improve toilet capacity. Would doing this provide an opportunity for a single-story structure to have better ventilation???
  1. The concourse was busy, and most people weren’t wearing masks. People were allowed to congregate at the bottom of stair wells. The toilets had one-way systems in place which were being ignored and there wasn’t any management of it. I’d say it was just a case of a normal match day with a couple of signs up. If there were hand sanitisers in the ground, I didn’t notice any, possibly because the concourses were so busy.


  1. Need hand sanitizers, outside drinking spots to encourage social distancing
  1. Only seen hand sanitisers, concourse didn’t seem much different to usual, other than separate entry and exits to toilets
  1. Hand sanitisers outside were a good touch but there were none to be found inside the ground and there was no soap in the toilets so were really required. Concourse was chocka block too, believe that is where I caught COVID.
  1. I didn’t see any hand sanitisers
  1. More sanitizer please
  1. I didn’t see any sanitiser in the west stand upper, and most stewards and bar staff not wearing masks.
  1. I haven’t seen any sanitizer although I haven’t particularly been looking out for any. There is no space or air flow on the concourse, but the ground would need rebuilding to resolve that problem. It is also worth noting that the attendances have been well short of the stadium capacity.
  1. had to go looking for hand sanitizer on the way out wasn’t clearly signed
  1. It would be great if there was automatic hand sanitiser stations near the concessions and in and out of the toilets
  1. I didn’t see anyone using the hand sanitisers before going through the turnstiles. Stewards weren’t suggesting this
  1. Haven’t noticed an increase in sanitisers inside ground. Concourses just as busy and chaotic at peak times as pre covid
  1. Only hand sanitiser is at the turnstiles none to be found in the concourse.
  1. Only noticed hand sanitizer at entry to stadium. Nothing in concourses, toilets, or entry to stands.
  1. No hand sanitizer in toilets
  1. Didn’t see any sanitizer or covid signage, didn’t like the fact you had to climb through people to get condiments after buying food (always people stood next to them). Food queues were disorganised, no ability to distance.
  1. Didn’t see hand sanitizers, air flow concourse crowded
  1. Not enough hand sanitizers
  1. More hand sanitiser stations in the concourse going up to the seats. Felt opening the fire escapes to allow people outside and allow more air flow has been a great idea and stops it feeling crowded in the concourse
  1. Didn’t feel enough hand sanitisers. Only saw one entering the ground.
  1. Very few face coverings, not many sanitiser stations after entry to the ground.
  1. If people are sensible, do LFTs before they come to the game (not sure how you could police that) but I think clear wall-mounted sensor sanitisers should be available outside the turnstile and in all toilets. Hand towels should be a no-no. They had run out in the first game
  1. I feel there could have been more sanitizers but considering the amount of people in such a small area it was well handled I’d say
  1. Nothing on the concourse in SW upper. No air flows, no sanitisers other than at bottom of stairs on exit.


  1. Make supporters more aware of club policy on Covid restrictions more signage.
  1. What signage apart from toilet access, which some people ignored? Concourse should have left room to get from turnstiles to the stadium without working through crowds.
  1. think more signage around the stadium saying respect all. Also, some gentle reminders at half time about staying cautious.
  1. Maybe a few more signs could be made easily visible but not sure if they would be adhered to anyway.
  2. More air flow, physical barriers for social distancing/queues not just signs on floor


  1. I personally, felt comfortable but as above, more signage and more sanitation points might support more vulnerable or nervous fans. Also, I think more controlled concourse queuing would be good
  1. No distancing and.very.few. masks among customers. Staff all masked, however.
  1. The club has put good procedures in place but fans not using them. I feel like the odd one out when I wear a mask
  1. I didn’t see any measures in place in the southwest corner.
  1. Caught COVID at the Riverside, only place I been to
  1. No one monitoring one way system to toilets. Some staff not wearing face coverings
  1. There was no one recommending that we use the hand sanitizers and when I went to use it yesterday, we struggled to get it to work because it wasn’t sturdy. We need more messages on the tanoy to remind people of hand washing and mask wearing in enclosed areas. Yesterday on entry we had our bags searched which had not occurred the previous 2 games. We found this close contact with a steward very stressful considering we were keeping our distance
  1. Signage inadequate. Polite notices to wear masks out of seats, or distance when possible or sanitise hands would be good. Ladies’ toilet where we sit (NW Corner) has only one entrance (no one way system possible) and concourse is enclosed. ordering food & drink in advance might prevent queues. Quieter PA system would mean being able to chat in the seats, so less people would have to go into crowded concourses for a conversation.
  1. I just went through the concourse and straight to my seat, it just seemed like pre Covid, never noticed any precautions really.
  1. But was irrelevant with the crowd not wearing masks and received a positive Covid test because of attending the game
  1. There will never be enough air flow / space in stadiums with thousands of people. However, I feel that everything that could’ve been done by the club, has been done.
  1. Face mask wearing on the concourse was non existent
  1. Apart from the odd hand sanitizer station there were no other measures in place that I could see. It was carnage in the concourses.
  1. it felt like a free for all. No rules for queuing, very little noticeable signage and non-existence of stewards ensuring full do the right thing. Concourses were a joke
  1. Can’t recall seeing too many hand sanitizers or signage. But all down to common sense and due to air flow, this combats a lot on its own


Have you experienced any issues with buying tickets either online or at the stadium?


  1. Rotherham friendly tickets arrived three days after the game
  1. A lot stricter at buying tickets couldn’t get my brothers Boro id number anywhere he wasn’t aware he still had one, solved easily with a phone call but was on hold a long time to get there. Linked the account with mine now so shouldn’t be a problem in future
  1. Online priority points are cause for concern. Members of same family don’t, and can’t, have same number of points so cannot buy tickets together.
  1. Only thing I’d point out is that I was sent two season cards for some reason when I only bought one. Issue 1 obviously doesn’t work
  1. Service from ticket office not very good, I have sent numerous emails with no reply.
  1. Bought online and took a while to fathom how to do it. The actual ticket page is poor, as you must click another small box above to buy. Why can you only buy 5 tickets?
  1. I struggled with getting tickets for Derby away, however the club were aware of the issues and released a statement quickly
  1. I’m a season card holder – all worked well. And appreciative of support given last season, e.g., able to watch home matches for free, refund from part-previous season towards this year’s ticket. I thought this was excellent – and underplayed by the club. It made a bit financial difference for very many fans. Thank you!
  1. Put tickets in basket and it then tells you ticket not available but does not tell you which one. You must remove them all and start again. You also reduced number of tickets you can but from 8 to 6 without informing people.
  1. Maybe extenuating circumstances but first 2 away games the tickets were issued far too late. Coventry game will be on sale 1st Sept for a game on 11th. Often, I’m away and want to travel to an away match on way back home or while away and postage to home address not convenient just a few days before. Used to be an EFL rule that tickets for away games should be made available to club 4 weeks in advance. this rule should be enforced. Alternative is to issue an e ticket with QR code scan etc. Bought a ticket from Plymouth for the preseason game and it was on my phone in 5 seconds. I realise that all clubs would need to synchronise but must be better than printing an address on a blank ticket and sticking it with tape to inside of window envelope and then hopefully the Royal Mail might deliver it when they feel like it!
  1. Was on the phone waiting queue for 2 & half hours to upgrade a ticket for QPR the day before the match
  1. My friend couldn’t buy us tickets together at the same time due to the account system in place – could do with improving.
  1. Didn’t get to seat until 25 minutes after kick-off due to ticket office problems
  1. The linking accounts for family and friends was problematic and could of and should have been much easier. I mean, you could go to the ticket office and buy 4x tickets without any issues- which isn’t really promoting any COVID restrictions if you’re going to the ticket office with other fans instead of the purchasing at home which should have been easier
  1. The deposit error on my account, the club have since contacted me to apologise and said it will not happen again.
  1. Derby tickets were late on sale and then never arrived until after the game. Had to make 2 phone calls to get duplicates available for collection at Derby on the day. Not good enough at all – we are all busy and don’t have time to be in a long phone queue twice because of poor planning or distribution of tickets.
  1. Not personally but I was with someone who was told he could collect his ticket from one of 10 kiosks round the ground. He eventually found he had to go to the north stand-we we’re in SW. Needless to say he got in well after ok, (Bristol City game).
  1. Ticket Office cock up on my new season card. Hadn’t been activated – couldn’t get in – so had to queue 40 minutes outside the South stand ticket office to get a ticket!
  1. ticket distribution is poor on match days – directed to one satellite collection point by staff – consequently huge queues and missing first 10 mins of the game after standing in queue for 40 mins
  1. Online, trying to buy Derby tickets and Bristol tickets error code which later found out was due to credit from covid first season. Spent over 2 hours on the phone twice trying to resolve. Shambles. and Fulham tickets came 10 days late and got told to pick up the replacement tickets at away ticket office at Fulham which doesn’t exist things can only get better I hope
  1. I had a problem when trying to buy my season ticket where it said I was not in the correct age bracket for what I wanted despite my correct age being clearly on the system. But it was resolved quickly by a member of the ticket office staff
  1. The credit on my account for the pro rata refund cannot be split or ignored in favour of card payment when paying online, so anything over the remaining balance cannot be purchased online. However, I have contacted the club and I have been offered opportunity of refund instead.


What has worked well that should continue?


Encouraging fans to hang around in the stands after the final whistle.

The wonderful atmosphere. Wearing of masks until seated.

Being able to stay in your seats at the end of the match

Atmosphere of normality and attempts of the club to encourage fans back. Overall messaging has been great

Entry procedures and provision of sanitizer

I haven’t seen any difference except the addition of hand sanitizer

Earlier opening of gates to allow flow of fans

The club go the extra mile for supporters such as assisting making personal flags and helping place them where we sit

Not having goal music allows a greater sense of natural atmosphere when a goal is scored

Fan zone outside ground, Stewarding is fair and not too strict.

The outside bar is much better than in concourse before and after the game, partly due to the weather.

The bands playing in fanzone before game 

not needing a vaccine to go to the match 

The club is very approachable 

Easy access to outside of concourse at half time 

One way system for toilets 

North Stand, opening the doors at half time to allow access to fresh air instead of been crowded in the concourse. 

Pre match briefing 

Keep the sanitisers on entry 

getting through the turnstiles has proved to be easy and no real delays. 

Allowing fans more time to wait in seats after full-time until crowds have dispersed. Stewards generally seem to be more helpful and accommodating this season. 

Bring back the mobile bars. Contact less payments, allowing fans to go outside at half time. 

Everything that the Generation Red zone has been doing since it started. My son loves it there.

The club should continue to listen to feedback 

premiership scores at halftime on the big screen 

Stewards are wearing their face coverings 

Fanzone in West Stand car park is good addition. Should be expanded to include additional food points / seating to encourage more people to gather outside of the ground pre-game 

Allowing people to stay for longer after the game so ease congestion 


Everything is fine, except the concourse bars! 

The streaming of games worked very well, and it is a shame that so far this year it will be only midweek games

One way system in toilets 

Free pint for long standing season card holders 

Everything back to normal and no major changes 

The hygiene around the stadium. 

The only difference was sanitiser in the entrance to NW Corner. 

Allowing fans back without restrictions. 

Letting the smokers go out at half time freeing up concourse space 

Season cards worked first time after 12 months non use 

Early arrivals. Allowed access to seat without having to work through packed concourse 

Allowing fans to stay behind after match to stay clear of the crowds 

outside area 

Masks into the stadium and toilets 

I’m not sure the club could do more, I’m happy with their efforts 

People going early to the game. 

Helpful staff. Doors open for ventilation 

Being able to stay behind until most have left 

Keep doing what you are doing, fans need to manage their safety 

Beer outside the ground. 

Being allowed to stay a few extra minutes at end of game to allow crowd to clear. Could you work with away grounds as well please as stewards all too keen to hurry you away into crowded concourse? 

Turnstiles well managed with good sanitation stations 

Constant communication. 

Generation red zone but with the half time club and games consoles back 

To be honest, I thought everything was fine and was pretty much the same experience for me as pre covid.

Being able to visually select your seat allows more nervous fans to choose a seat with space around it. 

Stewards wearing face masks 

The outside bar,

Allowing fans to stay in stadium until concourses have cleared. Abd sanitiser availability 

The hand sanitiser outside the turnstile. 

Everything in place is fine, less restrictions the better 

Contactless entry 

Hand sanitiser 

dual queuing at bars is a must but must be policed/enforced as pack mentality always leads to single queues 

Fans bar in stadium car park 

Staggered arriving and leaving. 

Having a family zone, outside entertainment 

Allowing open concourse 

Over pricing the fans to keep the attendances low and naturally create social distancing 

Good to be back. Staff outside ground helpful. 

Great staff. 

The new machine to scan your ticket for a free drink was a lot easier and quicker 

Clear announcements through the PA – reassurances about being able to take our time. 

Bar and food servers 

Match day information 

Free drinking water 

The work that obviously been put in to try and make things better is great. 

Generation Red Zone

Entrance to the stadium not hindered by queues. 

Allowing people to remain in seats after game 

Bar outside. 

Everything worked well. Felt my experience was the same as 18 months ago 

Good atmosphere and attendance 

No goal music 

Not sure 

The new fan area at the front of the stadium 

Unvaccinated fans being allowed in.


Keep the hand sanitizers 

Keep the hand sanitiser for now. Expand the fan zone outside even further, I like the look of the new seated areas but haven’t been able to get a seat. However, I understand this wouldn’t be as attractive in winter.

I wouldn’t change much at the ground other than better service at the food and drink outlets 

Bar outside seemed well organised. I don’t use it myself but good option to have it open after the game

Friendly staff and Yvonne Ferguson in particular. 

Nothing yet, and please turn the sound down 

outside bars 

The fanzone 

Fanzine, although increase staff and facilities for big games 

Nothing really 

Great family feel to the stadium this season. Keep it up Boro 

No goal music! 

All good 

Why not try reducing tickets 

Getting back to normal. 

One way system in the toilets maybe a barrier to stop the awkward ones 

Fanzone is great as it’s out in the open 

From my experience at both home games, it felt like Covid wasn’t an issue. It didn’t exist in the stadium so no need to have any measures

Letting fans be responsible for themselves 

Fan zone outside 

New online choosing seats for tickets. 

getting in hasn’t been an issue 

Good new PA announcer, more conducive to crowd atmosphere and letting the noise be heard. 

Fan engagement 

Open outside at halftime 

Online ticket purchases 

Everything outside of concourse, but this is a persistent issue and COVID only exacerbates it. 

Hand sanitizer stations 

Lots of gaps in seat for breathing room 

Contact less payments 

Matches atmosphere in south, allowing fans to stand and immerse themselves in a very different experience 

Pretty much everything I’d say 

good atmosphere 

Number of staff available on hand 

Stewards have been excellent in west south 

Fans returning 

Pre-match big screen highlights – encourages fans in seats early 

Shorten the queues down for food 

The club respond well to correspondence. Particularly Yvonne Ferguson. 

The quality service of parmos 

Hand sanitizer station 


Lack of goal music is great. 

I am happy with the protocols in place 

QUESTION 6: Is there anything else that you feel could be improved?


Catering & Queues 

  1. quicker service at refreshment outlets
  1. Still no vegan food options in the stadium
  1. Long queues for food and beverages with it being impossible to avoid close contact with large numbers of people
  1. Catering facilities
  1. Bar queues
  1. Take too long to get a drink in the concourse. Maybe pre pour pints? Also, the food selection now in the concourse is very poor
  1. Quicker bar service, a lot of bar staff seem new and give slow service. Hopefully it improves after they gain more experience
  1. Bring back parmo burgers
  1. Not allowed to have season card pint after 20 minutes before kick-off
  1. Long standing issue with bar service. Does not matter how many staff are working they never seem to be able to get it right. This has gone on for a long time now. I have given up trying to obtain any drinks at half time and now enter stadium at 2.15pm just to ensure I can get served.
  1. Food and drinks availability and queues.
  1. Need to have concessions around the stadium for food and beverage purchase. Queues are very busy, service very slow. Crowds out the concourse and makes it less safe
  1. Additional bars open downstairs after full time on a game – currently only one near where I sit in the North stand leading to big queues – more open would help to reduce the covid risk
  1. There is no reason why the club can’t offer small local pop-up businesses the opportunity to set up outside the ground alongside the fan zone on a match day selling a variety of food and drink options for a small fee. This would bring people to the ground earlier. The club could have pop up bars themselves, along with people serving the plastic bottles of beer outside.
  1. The service at the kiosks in the concourse needs to be faster, but I’m aware a large part of this is because many of the staff are new and inexperienced. Also, the food options are more limited than they were pre-pandemic.
  1. More refreshment outlets open in North Stand concourse at the end of the match. Those by the East Stand gate are always closed, leading to congestion at the West Stand side outlets.
  1. Option to go outside at half time to be served food/drink from West upper
  1. More mobile bars / plastic beer bottles. Invest in multi dispensing beer pumps at busy kiosks
  1. Parmo in bun needs to return! I know it’s a supply issue, but once supply is no longer an issue, they need to make a comeback!
  1. The queues in the concourse of the generation red / east stand need sorting out. There needs to be some satellite kiosks that just serve the beers. The outside gazebos that were used for the England games are still there. Could these not be utilised for some half time bars? The queues need to be better organised as it is just causing gridlock of people. Some people that attended the Bristol City game and sat next to me advised they wouldn’t be returning due to the issues within the concourse.
  1. More staff on the kiosks/bars
  1. Bars / kiosk service needs to improve. Pre-pulled pints or 2 x staff working each till would alleviate a lot of congestion particularly as in some locations the bar is on top of an entrance turnstile.
  1. Please sort out the issues with queuing on the concourse for food and beer, lots of people put off which loses the club revenue and obviously not good from a covid point, I don’t moan for the sake of it, but queues really are unacceptable now
  1. Back to the concourse bars … there needs to be a better system in place altogether, but especially for getting the Chairman’s drink. I think they should also be open after the game.
  1. Service. We know shortages of food/drink aren’t staff’s fault, but they could serve the food and drink that is on offer a little quicker.
  1. Pre poured pints at half time to reduce queues
  1. Better concourse services
  1. Faster and quicker service to avoid queuing.
  1. Pre pulled pints to save on long queues
  1. More food and drink stands available. Would like to see a beer stand outside of the ground for grabbing a drink at half time, feel this would also free up space in the concourse
  1. Better arrangements on the concourse, have a queuing system in place at the food and beer outlets manned by stewards, perhaps even have temporary outlets outside to ease congestion.
  1. Ensure supplies of food and drink do not run out
  1. Improved service in concourse to cut queues
  1. A new, innovative queueing system that enables an order placed, touch pad payment, served and collected in a swift motion. Currently, fans get to the bar and multiple ‘mates’ pass Season cards or order extra pints even after getting served. This is so unfair on waiting fans. The queue at the Twel12ve man bar never moved in the 20 minutes I stood there last week v Bristol City. It needs sorting.
  1. Queues were ridiculous in the north stand with a Heineken bar that was closed – maybe open that bar to make it more efficient. (Also bring back the parmo in a bun!)
  1. Better service in the concourse.
  1. The service at the bars and restaurants was atrocious, leading to lengthy queues! 4-5 people behind a bar all seemingly doing little- where was the organisation? I.e.: just pull and pile the pints up for sale- easy and would significantly reduce the queues, in turn providing more revenue for the club!! The food isles were the same! Come on… we want to give you money… take it, make it easier for us to give it to you!
  1. More staff at bars, have staff pouring constant pints, so they are pre-poured and makes it quicker
  1. Sort out a decent queueing system, one person only, improve service at the till, extra staff required. Pop- up bars, encourage people to drink non-alcoholic drinks in their seats. Better half-time use of the large screen with improved highlights shown or previous away game etc. to encourage people not to congregate in the concourse.
  1. Overall speed at the fans bar outside and the concourses indoors
  1. Could we have better mini bottles of wine in the concourses? The current wine is cheap and tastes like piss. Thanks
  1. Parmo in a bun being on the menu again. A more suitable and efficient system to serve the drinks before the match and during half time.
  1. Speed of bar staff and pint pouring.
  1. The long-term issue of the disorganised concourse, the lack of any management of lines for refreshments, the blocking of access & exit from the stands by people in the lines and using the stairs as an area to eat, drink & chat with friends.
  1. Better system for concourses, card only bars to keep fast paced, clear signage on how to queue and stewards helping this flow
  1. The organisation of the sale of food and drink in the concourse. Que’s way longer than they used to be. Also bring back the Heineken pop up bars.
  1. Bars open at the end of a game so we can use our free drink vouchers last home game all were shut on the South Stand so couldn’t use them x 4
  1. Better communication, especially around the recent shortages of food and drink. Whilst I appreciate nothing can really be done about these, it could have been communicated better and not just a footnote at the bottom of the match pack. This then causes people to get upset at the staff behind the kiosks who frankly don’t get paid enough to put up with that (and no doubt caused some not to return). Whilst it may not be a good news story that supplies are low, it should be an article on the site in its own right so that more people will see it before arriving.
  1. More staff in bars- also half pull pints in readiness for surge at half time. Would reduce queues and you’d sell more
  1. Why weren’t fans allowed outside of the stadium at half time (apart from those smoking) in a fenced off area? Bars should have been selling bottles/cans to speed up service. Stewards should have been controlling the crowds.
  1. Being served at the bar at ht. Block 18 NS. queues are stupid, people pushing in. started off in cash/card q. Ended up in card only luckily, I had my card on me. missed last 10 of 1st half and 15 of 2nd half. Bars needs restructuring badly.
  1. Maybe drinks only queue the food holds things up
  1. Extend the fanzone or have a bottle bar as the queues are huge an hour before kick-off.
  1. Could have some quicker drinks dispensers? (Vending machines for soft drinks?) Pen idea from previous answer More hand sanitizer and perhaps cleaners going around wiping high touch items? (Handles etc)


  1. There must be a better parking solution other than arriving 2-3 hours early to find the best place to abandon your car
  1. Parking is poor due to the closure of the college car parks on match day. Half time needs livening up average, get the kids penalties or football skills competition back
  1. I know this is not in the stadium, but car parking is still an issue. We’ve used the car park behind the East stand before but that was a nightmare getting out, it was like a rat race, due care and attention just go out of the window. We’ve previously used the car park on Windward Way (Gazette Office & Thirteen) but that is no longer available as we found out on the first night match! We used the College student car park further down the road (were told this was okay because other car park near Transporter was closed due to enrolments) We parked in the student car park again on Saturday but didn’t know if we should have done or not. Is it something that could be investigated and maybe come to some agreement with Thirteen/College, the other car park near Ali’s “party party party” is also often empty, surely, we can do something, people are more than happy to pay, money could even go to one of the council’s charities? UTB
  1. The club must work with local stakeholders to resolve the issue of match day parking. This has gone on for far too long.
  1. Car parking around the stadium. Two major car parks West of the stadium have not been opened this season and my understanding is they will remain closed to supporters all season. This is causing major problems, especially for those who have difficulty walking. However, I would stress that these car parks are privately owned and therefore not under the direct control of MFC.
  1. From a personal perspective parking in car park A, we are often blocked from turning right at the roundabout to the A66 via Shepherdson way and fed into the town and its congestion. Why when paying the most for parking to support the club do, we get the lowest priority for getting out.


  1. Not that you could do anything, but either incentivise the North and particularly West stand to be more like the South stand. Or make south stand seating area bigger.
  1. Turn the PA sound system down and music off 10 mins before KO.
  1. PA Announcer letting atmosphere build prior to game and post-match. How many people realistically need/care about scores from other divisions being screamed at the end of a game, when we’re trying to enjoy a Boro win?


  1. Increase hand sanitizer stations and open more doors to allow air flow in concourse. This will need policing to stop people getting in, but it can’t be as trapped as it has been. Something needs to be done about the way block 62 leaves too as it takes 15 minutes to get out after the whistle and you’re stood like sardines with hundreds of people
  1. Consider sections of the ground where you must wear a mask. Pre order drinks to avoid queues
  1. Create more space extend the turnstiles beyond the stadium like at Twickenham makes the movement and space so much easier and nicer!
  1. more guidance to keep distance, encourage mask wearing in the concourses, more hand sanitiser etc
  1. Social distancing needs improvement
  1. It would be great if there was automatic hand sanitiser stations around the concessions and going into and out of the toilets
  1. Hot water to wash hands in toilets Signs in toilets reminding people of importance of hand washing to prevent virus spread – available from PHE online and download for free Lost opportunity to highlight importance of vaccines – and the great stuff the riverside has been doing as a vaccine centre Space for those clinically vulnerable, or concerned, to be able to move to temporarily, and sit socially distanced Stewards asking people to use hand sanitiser before going through turnstiles Nothing on pre-match/half time/ big screen to encourage us to think about COVID risk, and others. And looking out for each other.
  1. More hand sanitiser in the concourse areas and not using cash only tills.
  1. Segregation in the concourse e.g., separation railings and direction
  1. One-way systems in the concourse.
  1. Need a way to get into ground and toilets without having to push past crowds of people drinking and queuing.
  1. Better traffic flow in concourse, quicker F&B service.
  1. One way into the toilets and one way out i.e., a separate exit. Designated paths in the concourses so that distancing can be maintained from people queuing for food.
  1. Clear areas in concourses to allow flow of people. Opening out concourses to outside areas would help with this.
  1. Covid safety measures could be improved. More sanitiser and more effort to enforce face coverings
  1. Quicker/more bar service. With Covid, I am personally comfortable with the current setup and few restrictions in the stadium, but I know some are uncomfortable about attending without distancing/masks. Given attendances will not be near capacity this season, couldn’t the club consider a designated area or block with extra Covid measures, so fans who would like that approach can be accommodated and switch their seats?
  1. An area or section for fans who want to be amongst other people who choose to wear masks and more sanitizer available at the top of stair handrails


  1. Being able to print your own tickets at home or show the barcode on your smartphone.
  1. Ticket prices
  1. Do think ticket prices could be lowered at certain points in the season to encourage attendances to remain high. Feel like at times they will suffer at “less important games”
  1. Please look at our pricing structure. 2nd highest in league. Out walk-up ticket prices particularly for children are disgraceful. look at what other clubs charge.
  1. V12 finance option should be available all season the same as other clubs, this is stopping a lot of people from purchasing season tickets
  1. Walk up prices on match day should be cheaper,
  1. Ticket prices for non-season ticket holders. Appears to be zero care or consideration for non-season ticket holders
  1. Points for buying tickets should be greater for away matches rather than home ones. – for local fans away matches require greater effort and expense – for fans who live a significant distance away and can only go to away matches it give them a chance to build up points
  1. maybe getting more young fans in the stadium, Cheap under 12s tickets and giving tickets to schools and local football teams


Mobile signal

People standing up in front of the disabled stand in the south stand Supporters are standing in the rows in front of the south stand disability bit and having to constantly ask them to sit so wheelchair people can see

Locks on the disabled toilets in the east central concourse need replacing as entry can still be made when they are in use. A simple bolt inside would help. Perhaps lines at the bar for alcoholic drinks only so queues aren’t slowed down by requests for tea, coffee, sweets, and food. Separate queues for these would also negate the need for young children to stand in long queues being jostled by passing human traffic.

There seems to be a growing trend of supporters flouting smoking/vaping restrictions with several openly partaking, with plumes of smoke visible but never challenged by stewards. I had to ask one person right next to me (at an away match) to stop. Personally, I preferred the 5–10-minute pre match music we have had played for many years and feel less emotionally charged without it. Oh, and please open the Ayresome gates. Superstitions have been ruined…!

Turn down the Music and PA system at half time! It’s nice to talk to friends about the first half but it is almost impossible with how loud the PA system is.

Heating in concourse. TVs playing real time rather than delay.

On our concourse the lady’s toilet entry/ exit doors. A look into more parking around the stadium (carpark E) was horrendous when had to park closer for medical reasons) it was like whacky racers! Maybe the council carpark where the gazette is with charges even if it went to charity, or across the road at the roundabout? people are willing to pay including me to be closer to the ground especially for night games.

concourses are a nightmare, overcrowded and very slow service in the food/drink outlets

Better concourse facilities i.e., better larger televisions, redecorate the concourse maybe seating, improve toilets. Far too much emphasis on the corporate hospitality and not enough on the average fans well being

Keep an eye on people at half time as some do drugs and come back up high

Transport to and from ground is horrendous. Old people having to walk back to town. Noticed Derby allowed buses to pick up at ground but that would be too easy for us. We should implement a one-way system for taxis before and after match so people can be picked up.

A bike rack for those who want to cycle to the game. Somehow get faster serviced of food and drink at half time.

I think cheaper deals. Perhaps rewarding/giving out to schools/key workers/achievers in the town?

If they moved the TVs from the pillars to the walls closest to the pitch it would result in people congregating on the outside walls of the concourse, near the exit doors. This would provide a natural path on the stand side of the concourse for people who just want to get into their seats. there should also be better queueing system for the bar near T35-39.

Better improved wi-fi / 4g signal. Also why are not all league 1 and 2 results shown on the screen at half time? They don’t all need to be called out, but they could be there visual

The gendered paintwork in the family zone. Girls are princesses, boys’ pirates. Time to move into 21st century Britain and tell all kids they can be all things. Provide more kids activities too so they can get value for money. And clear messages about anti LGBT rhetoric such as a Boro rainbow flag like other clubs’ show! It makes me feel better and welcome

Sort out the pink seats Parmo in a bun back

Water in the sinks, not always hot and sometimes no water at all. Wifi – I have a 4G phone and still can’t get a signal from 2.45pm! In the long term, better choice of drinks and better-quality food in the concourse.

Open the doors under the SE corner as usual – unlike on the night of QPR where people were struggling to get out due to funnelling us like cattle through one set of exit doors. Never been an issue before so why do it?!

better match day organisation required, match day staff need better customer service training

Turn sound system down, issue statements condemning homophobic chants which occurred during QPR game. Ask crowd to respect taking of knee still idiots booing. Give ticket office staff a robust system to use, they’re great the tech isn’t. Why no 18-21 match by match tickets, students coming home priced out majority of clubs offering the discount. Don’t forget this club is in one of the most deprived areas in the country prices should acknowledge this

Stadium seats are looking scruffy now. Several of them are discoloured and these need to be replaced or restored.

Ground could do with a clean and lick of paint. Been closed for 18 months and it shows.

Revisit where the screens are in the concourse, or turn them off, to stop people congregating in there. Reduce the price of food. The price of a burger is scandalous. Put in a season card free drink only till to help speed up the collection of free drinks for entitled season card holders. Expand the concourse through the double doors into the car park outside. This shouldn’t be too hard to do with temporary gazebo style covering – like has been implemented outside of pubs and venues during lockdown. Maybe put some sort of entertainment on the pitch before kick-off or at half time to encourage people to stay in their seats and not congregate downstairs. Sort out Car Park E.