Agenda 10 June 2024

Mon 10 June 2024 AGENDA

  1. New Committee enrolled
  2. Stadium Infastructure

– Any plans for stadium touch up?

– Hand rails – 3 people have told me they or their families no longer attend because of decent top tiers without hand rails.

– Safe Standing (south, north, away stands)

  • What is happening regarding replacing/upgrading seating.
  • Toilets need upgrade and no hot water. Not enough soap dispensers. Towel dispensers jamming.
  1. Matchday
  • Any plans to extend fan zone. Too small.
  • Pot holes Car Park E
  • Championship scores on big screen
  • Screen at Fan Zone for early/late kick offs
  • wifi phone signal
  • One way drop off system
  • A one way system over Harold Shepherdson way on match days with drop off near Dock Gales. Exit the area towards the station.
  1. Catering/Concourse

– Bar situation – service sub standard and can be done better. All away grounds I can have been to better so is possible. Half time pints queues too big

  • garlic in parmos in buns
  • Recycling bins for plastic pints in concourse – like Southampton – 000s of plastic vessels in general waste each match
  • cooler hot drinks
  1. Ticketing
  • priority points for overseas subscribers
  • priority points change Gold Card changed to 20 yrs etc.
  • booking fee charges
  • season cards taken off sale lost money
  • Why no 18-21 /student concession?
  • Can Half season cards return?
  • Too many seats wasted between home and away – call for a fixed barrier
  1. My Boro My Shirt
  2. Boro Brick Road
  3. MFC Report
  4. Football Governance – shadow boards?
  5. New MSF Members Policy
  6. Any extra questions from around the group
  7. A.O.B.