Agenda for Forum no. 31 on Monday 12th August 2019

Minutes of Mtg 30:

Issued and accepted as read.

Matters arising from mtg. 30:

Rainbow Reds invitation – guest tonight is – Michelle Coleman.

Fanzone updates – YF.

News from Foodbank – Brentford game – collection stats? CW.

Up-date from Police meeting – RN

Gary Parkinson Fundraising – PH / DR

Fund raising for MDSA bus – PH / PC-MBE

MOSC – status of group member ? – PH


Matters arising from groups:

  1. Chris Joseph :- European Super League – CJ report on Response to our letters – Press Conference re- UEFA response – Information from FSA re-future discussions and action – further info from Tony Evans re- V.2 of Super League. CJ letter to Sports Minister – Ms. Nicky Morgan MP – re Safe Standing.  Further letter to UEFA worthwhile?
  2. TV & RedArmy,radio – Dave Roberts update on radio / TV & coaches.
  3. RedFaction:-  
    a)  Results from last MFC survey.
    b)  New ticket system & prices.
    c)  Future direction of MSF.
  4. Twel2th Man:- Subsidised travel and ticket prices where AWAY games are simultaneously being broadcast live on TV. Any further comments from MFC ?
  5. Rob Nichol:- Announcement expected Sept. about Premier League V2.  PL & FA accept “anti Super League” banners can be flown at UK football stadia.
  6. RN: Financial Fair Play / Asset and ground protection/Stewardship of football clubs – call for a national license system with independent regulation.   Still issues with Bolton W and Bury.
  7. RN: Environmental – football getting greener – what can we do to make football more environmentally friendly at Boro?   Reusable beer tankards used for £1 deposit at Chelsea as at music fests etc.  Wooden cutlery to replace plastic types etc. paper straws. No balloons etc. Making Fan Zones greener.  Has there been any further thoughts on this issue?
  8. RN: Boro away at Bristol City 12.30 kick off Aug 31st. Is there any chance of fixtures like this being given some extra thought and consideration for travelling fans.  Things CAN BE DONE about this in relation to important fixtures. Night fixtures with a maximum travel time or distance – i.e. 2hrs or 100 miles.   (What can we do about this?  PH offers example comparison.)
  9. RN: Letter for reciprocal away ticket pricing in EFL.  Widespread concern/criticism of Boro pricing on social media – what should be our reaction to this.  RN has spoken with Steve Gibson, Neil Bauser and Adrian Bevington and all were talking about some kind of dialogue with fans about this during pre-season time scale.    We would urge this should happen. Steve Gibson may have good reasons – increase in VAT and high level of concessions etc but it would be terrific if “the fans” heard about this from the club after there was an open and frank discussion about it.  Has there been any further progress on this issue – or will there be?
  10. CW:  Reports of 100% increase in disabled parking at Riverside.
    Any updates from MFC?
  11. CW: New letter from Paul Sandbach re – parking issue.
    Next Foodbank will be from 12noon on 26th October before FULHAM game.


Any other business:-  Anything you wish to add, please notify me before the meeting starts.


Future meetings:-     September meeting will be Wednesday, 11th at 6.30pm. Then from October, reverts back to 2nd Monday of the month at 6.30pm.


Secretary notes:-

Please keep comments as brief and concise as possible to ensure a prompt conclusion

of normal business.


Many thanks,

Peter Hodgson