Meeting – Monday 5th Feb – Riverside

Meeting between Middlesbrough Supporters Forum and Middlesbrough FC at the Riverside –
Monday 5th Feb – Riverside.

Steve Gibson and CEO Neil Bausor were both present.

1. Steve Gibson informed the group that season tickets would be increasing by 5.8%. He gave some figures on rising costs and also revenues.

– The Boro Wage Bill is now over £22m
– Agent Fees are £3m
– Stadium and training ground running costs are around £20m
– Money has been invested in a new PA, turnstile upgrades, new card readers, digital ticketing and new training pitches et
– Club has brought in for the first time ever over £10m via gate receipt
– Club has brought in over £6m commercial revenue. A new high.
2. Seatgeek will continue to be ticket provider following a procurement exercise.
3. MFC to set up a meeting with MSF and Seatgeek to discuss some of our requirements and improvement suggestions.
4. Unfortunately club ran out of time in exploring season ticket finance options – but still something they want to do.
5. Safe Standing is still being looked at – club currently waiting on feedback from companies they are working with.
6. Discussions ongoing regarding Stadium sponsorship – MFC reveal very different rates expected for Championship or Premier. But discussions have been taking place.
7. Club very much up for reviewing the club badge – a working group has been set up to look at this.
8. Fan Advisory Board discussed – MFC feel present supporter representation could be a great framework for that. It will be another 18 months before more official notice will come into play.
9. Discussion of abusive chants v Sunderland – agreement that concerns need to be addressed.
10. Update provided from Neil Bausor around on going discussions around parachute payments and closing the financial gaps within the Championship.
11. We mentioned again about fans wish for open training sessions at the Riverside – something to be investigated – but sometimes coaching staff are averse to this.
12. We talked about recent transfers – getting a striker. How payments are still being received for Tav. Morgan Rogers deal is structured long term with payments based on appearances and Villa sucesses. The failure to land a striker was mentioned by us and it was revealed that we had been gazumped in one late deal.
13. There is a fear from fans that we are on a constant cycle of rebuilding and each time we have a stand out player they are sold and we have to start again. SG advised that each circumstance is assessed individually and that we shouldn’t be caught in the cycle.
14. We discussed with Steve Gibson about him doing some media.