Middlesbrough Supporters Forum Meeting 12

Middlesbrough Supporters Forum……Meeting 12.

Held at Middlesbrough F.C., Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough @ 7pm. 8th January. 2018.

Attendees were :-

Caroline Walker                                                           Chair – Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

Peter Hodgson                                                          Secretary – Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

Christopher Joseph                                                     President – Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

David Roberts                                                               RedArmy TV

Rob Nichols                                                                    Fly Me to The Moon Fanzine

John Donovan                                                           Twe12thMan Group.

Representative                                                             Red Faction Fans Group

Mark Motley                                                                 Middlesbrough Supporters South

Apologies were received from:-                            Mark Ellis – Middlesbrough FC.                                                                                                                                                Steve Rock – MOSC .                                                                                                                                            Paddy Cronesberry, MBE – MDSA.


A slightly delayed start was made as we listened via the internet to the draw for the 4th round of the F A Cup after Boro’s easy victory over Sunderland. We were all delighted to be rewarded with a “home tie” on 27th January, against our rivals of recent times – Brighton & H.A. FC

As per normal practice, after circulation to all parties by e-mail, the minutes of mtg 11 were accepted as read.

We were joined at the meeting by IFSHAAN MAHMOUD from the “BORO FUSION” fans group.  Ifshaan explained that he has been discussing the formation of an Asian based group of fans with Yvonne – in the hope of becoming a closer support group to the Boro and spreading the word to the wider Asian community.    Caroline explained what we are about and a short and an enlightening  Q & A chat was had.   At present, Ifshaan said that had maybe up to 10 members but they are actively encouraging other people to join up with their group.  MSF said we would be pleased to welcome them into the MSF group.

Matters arising from minutes of meeting 11.

Update on MPs contact re- “safe standing” issues :  ( CW)

Rob had received a letter from Jon Darch who is heavily involved in the “safe-standing” process as an independent advisor re-types of “seat/standing equipment and the legalities and processes involved over the last few years via the FFS and other bodies.

The information in his letter made several VERY PERTINENT points that we were not previously aware of, the major one being that: – ” there is no need for any change in primary legislation, just in Government policy in terms of HOW the existing legislation is applied. ”    It transpires that the existing Secretary of State of the sitting Government at the time, has the power to determine whether football grounds can be allowed to provide “seated accommodation within certain unspecified requirements .”

Bearing this in mind it was suggested that we need to make our MP’s group aware of this latest issue and maybe discuss this further with them. The meeting with the MP in January at Westminster that Rob was invited to has been deferred to a later date but it now appears more important than ever that we do have people from the MSF attend that meeting to support our efforts and become a “presence” in this issue.   To discuss next time when we could have further news re-new Westminster meeting date.

Food Bank Event :  (CW/YF)

Caroline & Yvonne had met and discussed the proposed Reading game / Foodbank event on 10th February further.  It was suggested the suitability of the Valentine’s Day theme was a good idea.  Lots of offers for help had been received and discussions for Collection Vans, types of donations etc., and supporting volunteers on the day were requested. There was unanimous support, MFC will publicise on their media channel along with RedArmy.tv  and all the groups on their social media sites will give as much  support as possible.  Caroline & Yvonne will meet up for further action and will drive this forward.

Website Sponsorship / Business Cards : ( CJJ)

Chris had not received any further response from the possible sponsor so far although his main contact had been away. It was discussed briefly and suggested that it may be politic to approach several smaller organisations and have a multiple source of funding if Chris’ client does not respond shortly.  It was then linked with business cards being added as a possible media link with potential sponsors to feature on the business cards also.  There was some concern voiced over the level of sponsorship requested.

A couple of members said they would provide potential ideas for next meeting.

Fans Bet :  ( DR )

Still no further progress on this matter.  Dave is pursuing this & will report any further news.

Train Travel update:  ( RN )

No further progress of any note from either GC or Virgin.  A very standard response from them in relation to a potential “group deal” was received.    Rob suggested that we try to push further for more positive options.  He will contact GC again.

From website – pre-match music and light show:-

MFC has been contacted from fans unhappy about the “goal music” not happening now and there has also been a complaint received through the Forum website about the noise & effect of the “pre-match music & light show.”  It was discussed and suggested that on all our respective media sites we run a survey asking fans to vote on their choices. Simple questions –  “Like it or Don’t like it ”



There was an incident at a recent game where a smoke flare was thrown from the South Stand.  The Red Faction representative had already taken action and confirmed that the item was thrown by a member of the crowd who WAS NOT affiliated with the RF group.  RF had spoken to their own group members prior to the Sunderland Cup game after the FA warning notice and its repercussions on the Club and fans at the Riverside had been discussed with Mark Ellis.

RF member notes that – MFC and MSF are fully aware that no active members of RF are currently banned or under investigation in regards to the Pyro used

There was a general discussion from all members and it was a general thought that we should all make people aware at every opportunity of the consequences to try to eliminate the possibilities of this happening again.

” Boro Fusion”

Ifshaan stayed for the meeting ,  said he was impressed with what he had seen and would look forward to seeing us again. Caroline thanked him for coming along.

There being no further business, Caroline closed the meeting at 8:55pm.

Next meeting scheduled at MFC offices again on Monday 12th Feb. at 7.00pm.