Middlesbrough Supporters Forum……Agenda 38

New items for discussion at Mtg 38: 

1) Introduction to Guest – Jennifer Lee Wright who is the new Events Manager with MFC who

would like to give us an insight into her aims and ambitions.

2) “Bring your Boots, Fill Your Boots” – QPR match 4th April 2020. 3 weeks to go. CJ & PH.

3) Sponsorship of MSF.

4) Safe-standing latest. Letter to new Minister for Sport. Oliver Dowden MP.

5) Letter of invitation to Neil Bausor (& Steve Gibson).

6) Sectarianism at upcoming Stoke match. R.N.

     Warning Letter to MFC from Rob Nichols on behalf of MSF.

7) “Gamble Aware” campaign.  RN Anti-gambling poster C.J.

8) Season Ticket Pricing 2020/21.   Walk up prices. J.D.

9) MOSC Final closure meeting.    C.J. & P.H.


Matters arising from mtg 37 to discuss:                                                                                                                                                                                             

Queries made via FMTTM website :

  1. I am an expat – I pay my £5 and watch the match on Boro Live. When a match is on TV,

Boro do not show it at all. Most other clubs will show it to non-contracted countries – this

is the list from  “i-follow” of partner countries – https://www.efl.com/iFollow/international-broadcasters/   

My country, Thailand is not on this list so surely Boro could and should be showing it to Boro fans in Thailand and many other countries.  This season I have watched it on several occasions from the opposition website on “i-follow”. For example – I recently watched Nott Forest on their link.                                                                          I have contacted Boro FC on each occasion this has happened and have been told it has been passed over to the development team.

Can you check to give me an update, Rob – worth trying to see why this is so. Thanks, Rob.

  1. Gordon asked regarding celebrating 25 years at the Riverside. Anything planned for next season?
    Would an Anniversary shirt incorporate the dates?

If you have anything you wish to add to AOB, please notify me before the meeting starts.

Secretary notes:

Please keep comments as brief and concise as possible to ensure a prompt conclusion of normal business.

Please text me on number below if you are unable to attend. 

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Peter Hodgson


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