Middlesbrough Supporters Forum……Meeting 19

Held at Middlesbrough F.C. Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough @7pm August 13th 2018

Attendees were:-

Caroline Walker Chair – Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

Christopher Joseph President – Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

Paddy Cronesberry, MBE. MDSA

Rob Nichols Fly Me to the Moon Fanzine

Representative Red Faction Fans Group

Yvonne Ferguson Middlesbrough FC

Jim Wilson MOSC

Mark Ellis Middlesbrough FC

Mark Motley Middlesbrough Supporters South

John Donovan Twe12thMan Group

Apologies from:

Peter Hodgson

Dave Roberts

David Joyes

The meeting was also part attended by Bob Tait, Head of Digital Marketing MFC.

Per normal practice, after circulation to all parties by e-mail, the minutes of meeting 18 were accepted as read.

Following the published agenda the following was discussed:-

Riverside Live:

Bob Tait explained to the meeting the challenges of the new live streaming service and explained that the myriad of EFL regulations and security measures had led to a number of challenges.

He accepted that there had been significant problems with the service, but it was improving and a huge amount of time and effort was being put into resolving the issues by both MFC and its tech suppliers.

Report back on Food Bank initiative:

CW thanked everyone for their contribution to publicising the event. More than 280kg of food and £240 was donated. YF suggested next collection for February 2019. CW/YF

to liaise.

Safe standing update:

CJ advised that the Minister Tracey Crouch has sent a response from her office saying there would be a review of the situation at the end of the year. She declined an offer to join the Forum visiting Celtic Park. CJ advised that the same offer had been made to the Shadow Minister with no response to date.

Police crackdown on football fans:

RN shared intelligence from the FSF that the police were wielding more power in football, specifically around kick off times and potentially playing behind closed doors. Also regarding pyrotechnics. He suggested Forum members advise their groups to bear this in mind and not give police any excuse to crack down.

ME advised that MFC has an excellent relationship with Cleveland Police.

Correspondence re Super League:

CW shared letter received to website regarding European super League. No discussion at this time.


Next FanZone is scheduled for our game v Swansea City 22/9/18. YF asked that all members support her in getting the message out to fans.

Rewards and benefits for season card holders.

YF gave hand out detailing up to date up to date list of benefits for season card holders. These are displayed on the MFC website. YF will send a link to everyone and has asked that we share on our social media platforms.

Season card survey results:

ME presented the results of the survey. 7,000 season card holders who are opted in to club communications received the survey and around 1,700 completed it. ME stressed several times that only those opting in to club communications would receive further surveys and encouraged those who wanted to make their opinion know to do this.

The results were broadly positive with prices/speed on the concourse, car parking, pre-match and half-time entertainment, car parking and Ticketmaster scoring lowest ratings.

ME advised that department managers were summarising their actions from the results and the comments received which were between 150 and 350 on each question.

Regarding the concourse it was suggested that Shona be invited back to address a meeting to outline plans

The final question concerned Goal Music and 69% of those who completed the survey voted in favour of Goal Music. This surprised some members of the Forum and led to discussions. ME reinforced that if individuals had opted in to club communications they would have been able to have their say.


YF asked that individual supporters with issues are directed to supporters@mfc.co.uk or yvonne.ferguson@mfc.co.uk

CJ reminded people regarding the payment to MSF

CJ presented ME with a personalised bottle of red wine as a gesture of thanks from the Forum for his participation and openness. CW wished him good luck

The meeting closed at 8.50pm

THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE HELD AT MFC ON MONDAY 10th September 2018 7pm at the Riverside Stadium