Middlesbrough Supporters Forum……Meeting 23

Held at RedArmy.TV’s offices at Boho 5, Middlesbrough at 8.30pm on Monday 19th November 2018.

Attendees were:

Chris Joseph Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

Dave Roberts RedArmy.TV

Paddy Cronesberry, MBE Middlesbrough Disabled Supporters Association

Rob Nichols Fly Me To the Moon

John Donovan Twe12th Man

Leigh Fisher Middlesbrough Official Supporters Club

Representative RedFaction

Apologies Received from:

Mark Motley Middlesbrough Supporters South

Caroline Walker (Chair) Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

Peter Hodgson (Secretary) Middlesbrough Supporters Forum
The meeting opened with a letter from Caroline Walker read to members by Dave Roberts in which Caroline resigned as Chair of the supporters forum. Members expressed their thanks to Caroline for her time and efforts as Chair and voted unanimously to ask her to remain on the forum as a member.

A volunteer was sought from members to take on the role as Chair for the next 6 months.

Chris Joseph was the only volunteer. He was proposed by John Donovan and seconded by Paddy Cronesberry. Chris was voted in without opposition.

The rest of the meeting was reserved for the following business:-

a). How and when MSF “war chest” should be replenished for solvency of organisation.

Peter Hodgson proposed by proxy that an addition be added to the forum constitution that the forum should automatically deposit funds into its bank account when the balance drops to £150. Members discussed several options to how funds would be raised. Rob Nichols suggested it would be good to find a supportive benefactor that may wish to contribute to forum funds by financing the website. Dave Roberts suggested the forum add the ‘minimum balance’ amendment to its constitution and agree to a funding mechanic at a later date. Leigh Fisher seconded. This was passed unopposed.

b). To define number of contributing members necessary for MSF to be quorate.

Paddy Cronesberry proposed a number of 6 members need to be present for a MSF meeting to be quorate. A brief discussion ensued on the reason for having a quorum. Rob Nichols seconded Paddy’s proposal, and this was passed unopposed.

c). Clarification of independent status of MSF from MFC.

Chris Joseph clarified the independent status of MSF in relation to its relationship with MFC.

Dave Roberts stressed the importance of this independence in order for the forum to operate effectively with the club.

d). Advertising policy. Should we allow advertising and if so how much should we charge for advertising on our website?

Robert Nichols suggested any sponsor may ask for details of visitor traffic to the website as a discussion took place on what levels of advertising could be realised. Chris Joseph volunteered to administrate any approaches to advertise on MSF platforms as well as pro-actively approaching potential advertisers. RedFaction suggested capping the number of advertisers to 2 at any one time. Also discussed was investigating 6 month term advertising agreements and any adverts being linked to advertisers own websites.

e). Sponsorship?

Members discussed potential sponsors. RedFaction suggested approaching local organisations such as Psyche, Chisholm Bookmakers, bars and restaurants. Concern was raised about approaching betting companies, Rob Nichols confirmed FMTTM’s prohibition on its platforms. John Donovan suggested approaching the owner of ‘In Off The Bar’. It was agreed that any interest by ‘questionable’ sponsors would be brought back to the forum for discussion.

f). Other ideas for funding MSF.

RedFaction suggested a JustGiving page could be set up to help fund MSF initiatives. Paddy Cronesberry suggested holding social events such as BBQs to raise funds, John Donovan suggested funds raised at such events could be split between the forum and a selected charity.

g). A.O.B.

There was no further business discussed.

The meeting closed at 9.50pm.