Middlesbrough Supporters Forum……Meeting 29

Held at Middlesbrough FC. Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough-7pm. On Tuesday 14th. May, 2019.

In attendance were:

Christopher Joseph – Chair / President – M.S.F.
Peter Hodgson – Secretary – M.S.F.
Rob Nichols – Fly Me to the Moon Fanzine
Dave Roberts – RedArmy.TV
Mark Motley – M.S.S.
Representative – Red Faction group
John Donovan – Twel2th Man
Jimmy Wilson – MOSC
Yvonne Ferguson – Middlesbrough FC

Apologies were received from the following members:

Caroline Walker – Diversity & Equality M.S.F.
Paddy Cronesberry, MBE. MDSA
David Joyes – Middlesbrough FC

Per normal practice, after circulation to all parties by e-mail, the minutes of meeting 28 were accepted as read.

Foodbank at Stoke game:

CJ reported that figures from the Stoke game – as reported by Souresh were 301 kg         of food and £320 cash donations.   There were a few comments about lack of promotion and publicity prior to the game but this was an oversight and was rectified but at a lot shorter notice than usual.   A short discussion as to how we would like to progress the FOODBANK work ensued. It was felt that a pre-planned regular season long plan of events be suggested e.g. first home game of each month. Fans would then have a better mind-set as to their donation becoming a “REGULAR” commitment.  The idea of a better location in the West Stand car park in the environs of the ticket collection kiosk was raised yet again as it WOULD offer a far higher visible profile than near to the Tees Dock Cut behind the North Stand.   Yvonne was supportive as always, but there are other initiatives she also has to include in her programme of events and also the probability of a future entertainment area along that area of the car park.  This would be discussed further.   Meanwhile, she will look at the idea of alternate months for the collections.

Thanks also to “Steve at SHUTTERMEDIA“ for donating a super roof-top sign for the FOODBANK van. Great work, Steve – donors across Teesside can spot us a lot easier, now!!

SEASONAL TOTAL from FOODBANK COLLECTIONS – CJ was advised by Souresh that the cumulative total of food and cash from our MSF collections this season has yielded 1,631 kg of food and £1,324.94 pence in cash donations.                                   A terrific achievement starting from scratch.  Well done to all.!!

Other On-going Initiatives

CJ also pointed out TWO of our main initiatives this season have been the SAFE STANDING issue – and also the DERBY County FC Concourse Heating initiative.            He asked that we should continue to actively promote both these ideas – which was agreed upon by all in attendance.                                                                         Other initiatives such as “Fans Rail Travel & Ticketing” and the “Fans Rail Card” idea have also been well received in many higher and more influential circles and will continue to be championed by our groups for the benefit of fans across the UK .

Matters arising from previous meeting:

Gary Parkinson “Go Fund Me” –  and other initiatives.

As mentioned last month – PH and DR had made a decision to re-arrange the main initiatives for the fund-raining via a “Parky Re-Union Dinner “and the “Sponsored Bike Ride with Dave Hodgson and Steve Vickers” until the early part of next season.        Dates will be set when the new season fixtures are issued in mid- June.

There was a short discussion about new ideas to support these 2 events with a “stationary Cycle Ride “at The Riverside from teams of people who will do a Static Fitness Cycle ride at the same time as the main riders are doing their ride. Lots of publicity can be generated, and lots of money can be raised. PH has spoken to Oshor Williams, (ex-Boro player 1972/74) who is a Director of League Football Education – a branch of the PFA – and he has promised to do all that he can to support our initiative.  Oshor played at Preston N.E. when Parky was there so is very keen to help us.

Paddy’s bus for the MDSA.

PH has had discussions with PC and they are going to undertake an initiative to help kick-start the challenge to raise the cash for Paddy’s new bus. We will keep you informed.

Sponsorship for MSF.

C.J. reported that the first of 2 payments has been received from our new sponsor, Adam Bragg- a Director & Boro fan from his local Stockton company “Watch. Learn. Drive. com.ltd” We have written to thank Adam for his sponsorship and hope that we can make positive progress to help both our organisations in the future.


MOSC issues.

Jimmy Wilson reported that the MOSC has not operated effectively – or constitutionally this season. An EGM was held in October and attended by a disappointing 45 members. Plenty of issues were discussed but despite POSITIVE SUGGESTIONS and DISCUSSIONS from PH, JW and other supporter members – who seem to be keen on continuing MOSC – NO PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE AT ALL.  JW (Chair of MOSC) has suggested that he will organise an AGM to be held in the new season to recommend a closure of the MOSC.

Further details and updates will be relayed to MSF as soon as possible.

MSF financial status.

PH will provide an annual Balance Sheet for discussion at the next meeting.


It was agreed to make JUNE our “Summer Close Season Break” and look forward to our next meeting, which – through the continued co-operation of MFC and Yvonne – will be held at The Riverside Stadium on Monday 8th. July 2019.

We will contact all members about a week before to put together an agenda for discussion on whatever new information comes to hand in the meantime.

There being no further business, CJ thanked everyone for their support – wished us  all a pleasant summer break – and closed the meeting at 8.30pm.

Many thanks,

Peter Hodgson.

(Secretary – M.S.F.)