Minutes of Middlesbrough Supporters Forum.. Meeting 18

Held at Middlesbrough F.C. Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough @7pm July 9th 2018

Attendees were:-

Caroline Walker Chair – Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

Peter Hodgson Secretary – Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

Christopher Joseph President – Middlesbrough Supporters Forum

Paddy Cronesberry, MBE. MDSA

Rob Nichols Fly Me to the Moon Fanzine

Representative Red Faction Fans Group

Yvonne Ferguson Middlesbrough FC

Dave Roberts RedArmy.TV

Leigh Fisher MOSC

Chair MOSC

Mark Ellis Middlesbrough FC

Apologies from:

John Donovan Twe12thMan Group

The meeting was also attended by George Harrison MFC archivist and David Joyes CFO

Per normal practice, after circulation to all parties by e-mail, the minutes of meeting 16 were accepted as read.

Following the published agenda the following was discussed:-

YF introduced GH to the Forum. GH talked about his role in collating the archive material held by MFC before decisions were made what could be done with it. Discussions on possible displays, exhibitions.

ME advised he was leaving MFC and DJ would take his place at the Forum. CW welcomed DJ (ME will attend August meeting)

YF advised Fanzones were planned for Swansea 22/9 and Hull 13/4/19 matches

A discussion was held on the benefits of increasing the number of away season cards from 100 to 200. In conjunction with ME it was decided to raise the number to 150 if there was demand.

The next Foodbank collection will be held on 11/8 v Birmingham City. All members asked to publicise this

ME advised that 1742 responses had been received for an equality survey carried out by MFC

ME advised a good response to the season card holders survey which had remained open until 27/7

Safe standing update – CJ draft letter to Minister Tracey Crouch inviting her to join the forum on a visit to Celtic Park

DR mooted the opportunity of a live TV debate with MSF on Red Army TV – this was met with mostly positive reaction

RN reported on series of Ageing Better workshops and tying with MFC Digital to ensure inclusion for the new digital accounts

CJ asked members to contribute a further £50 to the Forum’s finances to ensure members could play a full part in national campaigns including safe standing and others

Long discussions had been held regarding away ticket loyalty schemes and after consultation with members of Forum groups it seemed the current method of allocation was considered fairest

MOSC mentioned an approach from Hat Trick productions for a fan-based TV quiz show – to be shared with the Forum

ME advised to the delight of the forum that the ticket office would be using a local phone number – there would be limited queuing facility and callers would need to redial

ME advised a new live video streaming service would be in place for next season – full details on the MFC website